Viewing / Showing of Units

Over the recent years we have been asked numerous times if we are able to show the unit of interest to the potential customer.

If possible, we complied with these request and we will gladly do so in the future since some showings did lead to rentals.

However, we will be charging a US $10.00 "showing" fee (payable in cash at time of showing) for each unit.

We will gladly credit this fee towards your rental fee.


A few personal comments:

Our repeat customers will testify that we are offering you an excellent value for your rental fee; upscale amenities for a fair rental price.
I also know that we are not the cheapest rental on the market. If this is your only selection criterion, then please keep in mind that you will most likely get what you pay for- at least with us you will.
Also: Discounts and tax exemptions for cash payments are NOT an option. TAT is not applicable if your rental period is for more than 180 consecutive days.
We pride ourselves in the excellent quality of our rental properties and we will thrive to make your stay as pleasant as we can.

Aloha and have a great vaction,