Question Answer
Is the Tax included in the rental fee? No, 4.712% GET (General Excise Tax) + 9.25 TAT (Transient Accommodation Tax) are charged separately
Is there a final cleaning fee? Yes, $75
Is there room service, cleaning service? No room service, but intermittent cleaning can be arranged with advanced notice at renter's expense Home
How much is the Security Deposit? US$1,000
When will I get refund of the Security Deposit? Within 14 business days after your departure.
Is there cable TV in the unit? All units have basic cable TV
Are all utilities included? Yes, including local calls.
Do you have high-speed internet access? Roadrunner can be ordered separately, prior to arrival. Monthly cost: $50.
How far is the nearest Golf course? Across the Ala Wai, an approximate 15 minute walk to the Club House
Flooring? All units have floor tile throughout.
How is the security for these apartments? For all units you need to have a security key to gain access to the building. We have not had any problems in the past.
Are there any house rules? All units are in a residential setting. Common courtesy and house rules apply. Also: if you decide to use the A/C, please empty the catchment buckets daily to avoid spill-over.
Do you offer discounts? Yes, after 6 month of consequtive rental, we give a 10% discount, plus you are eligible for the TAT refund.
How is the kitchen equipped? You should find erverything you need for day to day living and cooking.
Are towels and bed linens provided? Yes they are: One request: If you wash any of our towels or linen, please do NOT use bleach!
Do you offer any additional services? Additional Services Menu
May I store my surfboard or bicycle on the balcony? Sorry, this is not allowed.