Cancellation policy


We are a small business and cannot afford to have our units unoccupied.

About 60% of our reservations are made 6 or more months in advance, especially when booking in the high season.

Another 30% of the reservations are confirmed 1-6 months in advance with only a few rentals made “last minute”. Most inquiries that we cannot accommodate are requested within 1-2 weeks of the desired rental period.


We strongly suggest that you purchase travel/trip cancellation insurance.


Here are the terms of the cancellation policy:


We will make every attempt to secure a rental for any confirmed reservation that is cancelled. Should we be able to find another renter for the original rental period, we will refund 100% of your rental fee minus a $200 administration fee. If we are only able to find a renter for a portion of the original rental period, the following refund schedule shall apply for the not rented (remaining) days of the original rental agreement:


Cancellation prior to rental start date

Refund (minus $200 admin fee)

181 days or more


90-180 days


30-90 days


0- 30 days



Cancellation refunds based on the above schedule will be returned within 15 business days upon written receipt of a cancellation. Should the unit then be rented after the initial refund is processed, you will receive the additional, remaining balance upon confirmation of a new rental agreement (defined as receipt of a cleared deposit).


Hopefully this cancellation policy is acceptable; however, we sincerely hope that it will never need to be utilized. We hope that your stay with us will be a pleasant experience.