Honolulu International Airport to 236 Liliuokalani Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

From: Honolulu International Airport To: Hawaiian Crown
Driving Distance: 9.5 miles Time: 16 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
09:000.0 1   Depart Honolulu International Airport on Local road(s) (North) for 142 yds
09:000.1Turn RIGHT (East) onto US Mainland and International Arrivals Access for 0.2 mi
09:010.2Keep LEFT onto Local road(s) for 21 yds
09:010.3Road name changes to Airport Exit for 174 yds towards I-H1 / Honolulu / Waikiki / Waianae
09:020.4Take Ramp onto Local road(s) for 0.2 mi
09:020.6Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto H1 for 6.3 mi towards I-H1 / Waikiki / Honolulu
09:106.9At exit 23, keep RIGHT onto Ramp for 0.2 mi towards Punahou St
09:107.1Turn RIGHT (South) onto Punahou St for 0.2 mi
09:107.2Turn RIGHT (West) onto S Beretania St for 174 yds
09:117.3Turn LEFT (South) onto Kalakaua Ave for 2.0 mi
09:159.3Turn LEFT (East) onto Liliuokalani Ave for 0.2 mi
09:169.5 2   Arrive Hawaiian Crown [236 Liliuokalani Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815]